Sparrow Film Project

This took honorable mention from 2018’s Sparrow Film Project

Some Sketch from Mashed Potatoes Comedy


Just a few comedy sketches from my time in Seattle, collaborating with Mashed Potatoes Comedy.

This one’s about feminism and bombs, like all good things in life!



Well, feminism is great and all, but here’s girls in their underwear!  It’s empowering!  Please use a tissue if you’re going to make a mess, thanks.

This one’s about open mic comedy.  Open mic comedy is like the 3rd level of hell, you should never do it!


Hey, also drugs.  don’t do them.  Never do drugs, mmkay?  Mmmkay.  It’s good we had this talk, son.  Your mom and I are very proud of you.



 Digital Robbie with the Hilarious Robbie Schroeder


That guy from the other video is in this video!  Oh snap! It’s like we’re re-using actors.  It’s ok, people have been using Robbie his whole life.


and more coming soon!  etc etc blah