Maura Sateriale


Performing comedy that specializes in clever word play, and a passive-aggressive resignation to millennial life, Maura Sateriale entertains crowds through a combination of character work, crowd work, and material that ranges from her absurd and twisted life to silly inanities.

Maura Sateriale has been writing plays and short stories since middle school, and acting since high school. She put her love of comedy on hold during college while she plugged away on a degree in mechanical engineering, only to graduate into a dismal economy, where she was forced to take a job as an English teacher in South Korea. After spending time in Asia, she moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, for a master’s degree. There she lived in a cabin with no plumbing and enjoyed the beauty of nature and the insanity of her Alaskan neighbors. Upon completing the degree, she traded her parka for a lei, and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii for a PhD. The PhD was as successful as
your average open mic comedian’s first time on stage, but she decided if she was going to work long, thankless hours, she was going to do it for the laughs of the public.

She has since performed in shows in 7 states and provinces across three countries, from stand-up, to sketch, improv, and character work. She produces a local Seattle comedy show where comedians and academics talk passionately about a topic of their own expertise while intoxicated.

2 thoughts on “Maura Sateriale”

  1. Congrats on the move to NYC! Keep following your heart and your humor and stay dedicated to the path. Trump Paul also taught English in South Korea. He was pretty “instrumental” in organizing the nuclear summit for Mr. Trump earlier this month. All the best!


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